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Beryllium (Be) Rod

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Beryllium Rod
Beryllium Metal
7.0mm Diameter x 100mm Length

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Beryllium Rod, Be Rod, Beryllium Bar, Be Bar

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Beryllium (Be) Description:

Beryllium (Be) is a brittle, steel-gray alkaline earth metal. It is strong, lightweight, and has a modulus of elasticity 50% greater than steel. It is non-magnetic properties and has higher specific heat than any metal. Beryllium retains excellent properties at elevated and cryogenic temperatures, making this fascinating metal an ideal thermal conductor. 

Because Beryllium is strong, stable, can handle elevated levels of heat resistance and is highly transparent to x-rays, beryllium, in thin foil form, has long been critical to the operation of medical and scientific x-ray equipment. Beryllium foil provides the window through which tissue-penetrating x-rays are focused, while maintaining the vacuum inside the x-ray tube generator.

The typical Beryllium foil could be as thin as 0.02mm and 100% tested for vacuum tight. The foils are supplied cut to shapes such as discs, rectangles, and other custom shapes.

Beryllium (Be) Specification:

Purity: 98.5%

Chemical Component


















Size: 7.0mm diameter x 100mm Length
Surface condition: Uniform in quality and condition, clean, sound, and free from foreign materials, or internal and external imperfections 0.45μm Ra or better surface finish.

Beryllium (Be) Applications:

  • Beryllium is used to manufacture x-ray tubes and detectors in high-resolution medical radiography.
  • Used for aerospace and military applications due to its lightweight properties, low density, and high thermal conductivity.
  • Used as a material in acoustic applications for its damping properties and high stiffness-to-weight ratio
  • added as an alloying element to aluminium, copper (notably the alloy beryllium copper), iron or nickel beryllium improves many physical properties. Tools made of beryllium copper alloys are strong and hard and do not create sparks when they strike a steel surface.

Beryllium (Be) Packaging:
Our Beryllium (Be) Rod are carefully packed to prevent damage during storage & transportation.

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