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Item No. Product Name Formula Metal Content Price($)
ALB-CAT001 Palladium carbon catalyst, Pd-C Pd-C 0.5%, 5.0%, 10.0% Inquiry
ALB-CAT002 Palladium hydroxide carbon catalyst, Pd(OH)2-C Pd(OH)2-C 5.0%,10.0%, 15.0% Inquiry
ALB-CAT003 Palladium alumina catalyst, Pd-Al2O3 Pd-Al2O3 0.3%, 0.5%, 1.0%, 5.0% Inquiry
ALB-CAT004 Palladium calcium carbonate (Lindlar catalysts) catalyst, Pd-CaCO3 Pd-CaCO3 5%, Inquiry
ALB-CAT005 Palladium resin catalyst, Pd-Resin Pd-Resin 0.5%, Inquiry
ALB-CAT006 Palladium barium carbonate catalyst, Pd-BaCO3 Pd-BaCO3 1.0%, 5.0% Inquiry
ALB-CAT007 Palladium barium sulphate catalyst, Pd-BaSO4 Pd-BaSO4 1.0%, 5.0%, 10.0% Inquiry
ALB-CAT008 Palladium silica catalyst, Pd-SiO2 Pd-SiO2 1.0%, 5.0% Inquiry
ALB-CAT009 Palladium graphite catalyst, Pd-Graphite Pd-Graphite 5.0%, 10.0% Inquiry
ALB-CAT010 Platinum carbon catalyst, Pt-C Pt-C 1%, 3%, 5%, 10% Inquiry
ALB-CAT011 Platinum-Palladium carbon catalyst, Pt-Pd-C Pt-Pd-C 2%Pt+8%Pd Inquiry
ALB-CAT012 Platinum alumina catalyst, Pt-Al2O3 Pt-Al2O3 1%, 2%, 3%, 5% Inquiry
ALB-CAT013 Platinum calcium carbonate catalyst, Pt-CaCO3 Pt-CaCO3 1%, 5%, 10% Inquiry
ALB-CAT014 Platinum barium sulfate catalyst, Pt-BaSO4 Pt-BaSO4 1%, 5%, 10% Inquiry
ALB-CAT015 Platinum silica catalyst, Pt-SiO2 Pt-SiO2 1%, 5% Inquiry
ALB-CAT016 Platinum graphite catalyst, Pt-Graphite Pt-Graphite 5%, 10% Inquiry
ALB-CAT017 Ruthenium carbon catalyst, Ru-C Ru-C 5%, Inquiry
ALB-CAT018 Ruthenium alumina catalyst, Ru-Al2O3 Ru-Al2O3 5%, 0.3--0.5% Inquiry
ALB-CAT019 Ruthenium silica catalyst, Ru-SiO2 Ru-SiO2 5%, Inquiry
ALB-CAT020 Rhodium carbon catalyst, Rh-C Rh-C 1%, 3%, 5% Inquiry
ALB-CAT021 Rhodium alumina catalyst, Rh-Al2O3 Rh-Al2O3 1%, 3%, 5%, 0.5% Inquiry
ALB-CAT022 Iridium carbon catalyst, Ir-C Ir-C 0.5-5.0% Inquiry
ALB-CAT023 Iridium alumina catalyst, Ir-Al2O3 Ir-Al2O3 0.3-1.0% Inquiry
ALB-CAT024 Iridium calcium carbonate catalyst, Ir-CaCO3 Ir-CaCO3 1.0-5.0% Inquiry
ALB-CAT025 Palladium (II) oxide, PdO PdO 87.% Inquiry
ALB-CAT026 Palladium (II) nitrate, hydrate, Pd(NO3)2.nH2O Pd(NO3)2.nH2O 41.% Inquiry
ALB-CAT027 Palladium (II) acetate, [Pd(OAc)2]3 [Pd(OAc)2]3 47.4% Inquiry
ALB-CAT028 Palladium (II) chloride, PdCl2 PdCl2 ≥59.5% Inquiry
ALB-CAT029 Palladium hydroxide, Pd(OH)2 Pd(OH)2 75.% Inquiry
ALB-CAT030 Palladium (II) sulfate dihydrate, PdSO4.2H2O PdSO4.2H2O 44.6% Inquiry

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