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2021 Zirconium Diboride Price

Tantalum 02/26/2021

2021 zirconium diboride ZrB2 price: $459.00 - $2,899.00/Kilogram

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99.9% powder ZrB2 Zirconium boride Price

We stock a wide range of particle sizes for 10nm to 10um, and can also fabricate additional sizes on demand.

Our products are divided into six series of hundreds of varieties: the elemental, the alloy, the compound, and the oxide, carbon series, and nanowires.

Zirconium diboride is a highly covalent refractory ceramic material with a hexagonal crystal structure.

A review study of the microstructural behavior and mechanical properties of ZrB2 ultra-high temperature ceramic.

Factory 99.9% Zirconium Boride Powder Price

Ultra high-temperature ceramics are known for their good wear resistance, good oxidation resistance, high mechanical strength, extreme hardness, high thermal conductivity & good fracture toughness properties.

These characteristics of ultra-high temperature ceramics made them ideal for high-temperature applications.

Therefore, ultra-high temperature ceramics are mostly used in aerospace applications, thermal protection systems, and for making sharp leading edges or nose tips in hypersonic re-entry vehicles.

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