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High Purity Tantalum Carbide

Tantalum 08/07/2020

high purity tantalum carbide

High Purity Tantalum Carbide

Tantalum Carbide Purity ranges from 99.7 percent to 99.999 percent.

Manufacturer & worldwide distributor of high purity tantalum carbide, tantalum chloride & tantalum ethoxide. Manufacturer of tantalum and niobium parts including the raw material refining and machining.

Depending on client needs and specifications, the purity can be 99.999% min, 99.995% min, 99.99% min, and 99.95% min.

Shapes include foil with a thickness of 0.002 inches to 0.004 inches, a sheet with 36-inch max-width and .1 inch thickness, plates with thickness of 0.125 inches, 2.00 inch and 36-inch max-width, wire with a diameter of 0.005 inches, 0.124 inches, 125 inches and 0.625 inches, rods with a diameter of 0.62 inches to 3.00 inch.

Large sizes of billet are available as well. Also providing tungsten, tungsten alloys, molybdenum, and tantalum.

Tantalum Carbide TaC Nanopowder / Nanoparticles (TaC, 99+%, 1000 nm, Cubic)

Please contact us for quotes on larger quantities.

WC:TiC/50:50 ;

WC:TiC:TaC/50:30:20 ;

Hot Sale Tantalum Sheets Plates Price


Stock#: Nano-TaC-1000 TaC Nanoparticles,TaC Nanoparticles,TaC Nanoparticles


TaC Nanoparticles True Density: 13.9 g/cm3

TaC Nanoparticles Bulk Density: 2.5g/cm3

TaC Nanoparticles Crystal Structure: Cubic

TaC Nanoparticles APS: 1000 nm

TaC Nanoparticles SSA: 15 m2/g

TaC Nanoparticles Purity: 99+%

TaC Nanoparticles Solubility in water: insoluble

TaC Nanoparticles Appearance: Black-gray odorless powder

Alb Supply High Quality Ta1 Ta2

Tantalum carbide Nanopowder (TaC) Properties and Applications:

Tantalum carbide (TaC) is an extremely hard (Mohs hardness 9-10) refractory ceramic material, commercially used in tool bits for cutting tools.

The hardness is exceeded by diamond.

It is a heavy, brown powder usually processed by sintering, and an important cermet material.

It is sometimes used as a fine-crystalline additive to tungsten carbide alloys.

Tantalum carbide has the distinction of being the stoichiometric binary compound with the highest known melting point, at 4150 K (3880°C) and boiling point, at 5500 oC.

The substoichiometric compound TaC0.89 has a higher melting point, near 4270 K (4000°C).

Tantalum carbide Nanopowder (TaC) MSDS

Tantalum carbide Nanopowder (TaC) X-Ray

Tantalum carbide Nanopowder (TaC) Particle Distribution

Tantalum Niobium Alloy Sheet Price Per

high purity Tantalum Carbide Rod

As a material engineering company, ALBMetals is High Purity Metals manufacturers and distributor of powder & compounds in USA. Backed by Over 20 Years of Experience.

Tantalum Carbide Rod

Diameter and Length as required

Aluminum Oxide Powder, Brown and White, All Grit Sizes Available, Inquire for Pricing

Cost Per Pound

Aerospace | Epoxy | Nuclear | Paint, Pigments, Inks, Colorants | Pyrotechnic | Thin, Thick film

Mohs Hardness @ 20oC

Particle Size: 1-5 Micron

Tantalum Carbide powder, 99.9%, APS <3 µm -Tantalum carbide (TaC)

Our expertise in the fields of nanomaterials, advanced ceramics, rare earth chemicals, thermal spray powders, solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) materials, catalysts, nano-magnetics, electroplating, and biotechnology allows us to supply our customers with Tantalum Carbide powder of the highest quality and purity at a competitive price.

High Purity Tantalum Carbide

Our Tantalum Carbide powder is available in a wide range of quantities and specifications to meet your particular industrial or scientific application.

Tantalum Carbide Coating

The melting point of Tantalum Carbides peaks at about 3880°C depending on purity and has one of the highest melting points among the binary compounds.

Definition: Tantalum Carbide is a compound of tantalum and carbon with a chemical formula TaC.

The coating is an extremely hard, refractory ceramic material, with metallic electrical conductivity.

This makes it an attractive alternative when higher temperature demands exceed the performance capabilities of CVD Silicon carbide, coated graphites.

TaC, coating resists chemical attack by corrosive liquids and gases at very high temperatures.

They are finding increasing acceptance in sealing and protecting graphite hardware from hot ammonia, hydrogen, hydrochloric acid, and molten metals used in compound semiconductors epitaxial processes such as MOCVD and LPE.

The following characteristics of the carbide coating provide long life and low particle generation.


Titanium Nickel Tantalum Niobium Zirconium Tungsten

Excellent resistance to wear and abrasion

Excellent resistance to corrosion, oxidation, and erosion

Ultra-Pure Graphite Sub straight 99.9995%

High-purity tantalum with a tantalum carbide surface layer formed using a carburizing method. TaC/Ta composite.

It consists of a high-purity tantalum matrix and a tantalum carbide surface layer formed using a carburization technology.


The tantalum carbide layer has an excellent thermal resistance and is stable at high temperatures.

Excellent thermal shock resistance to withstand rapid heating and cooling.

Low reactivity with etching gases.

Excellent corrosion resistance under the presence of high-melting-point metals.

Both the tantalum matrix and the tantalum carbide layer have high purity.

Reactivity with high-melting metals

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