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High Purity Tantalum Pentoxide

Tantalum 08/10/2020

high purity tantalum pentoxide

High Purity Tantalum Pentoxide

Ultra High-Purity Tantalum Oxide -Tantalum Pentoxide

1. Product Name: Ultra High-Purity Tantalum Oxide

2. Applications

a) For drawing LT (lithium niobate) monocrystals in the laser, surface acoustic wave, data storage, optical communication, and infrared detection high-tech fields;

b) Serve as coatings for optical glass to improve the optical properties;

c) For making superconductors;

d) For making niobium-based catalysts

3. Packaging: Sealed in double-layer plastic bags inside, 25kg/bag;

and packed in iron/plastic drums outside, ≤50kg/drum

4. Product Specifications

High Purity Tantalum Pentoxide (Ta2O5)

High Purity Tantalum Pentoxide (Ta2O5)

Tantalum oxide/Niobium Oxide


To produce high purity oxide products, any kind of raw materials are separated and refined using solvent extraction equipment.

Their applications are optical lenses, electric ceramics, and single-crystal, etc.

factory supply 4n tantalum pentoxide tablet

Synthesis of high-purity tantalum pentoxide from wastes

Method for recovery of tantalum from wastes formed in the manufacture of lithium tantalate single crystals to obtain high-purity tantalum pentaoxide.

Tantalum Pentoxide | High Purity Materials

Tantalum pentoxide powder Ta2O5 has been developed by ALB Materials for the capacitor, optical, glass, and ceramic applications.

Tantalum pentoxide also called tantalum has the chemical formula Ta2O5.

Tantalum pentoxide has a dielectric coefficient (K) of 25-100 and a refractive index of 2.27, which is used in anti-reflection coatings in optical lenses, charge capacitors in DRAM devices, low voltage organic thin-film transistors and in “gate” dielectric applications.

As the source of Ta2O5, the tantalum element is in the fifty-fourth place in terms of availability in the earth.

The most important minerals containing tantalum are tantalite – (Fe, Mn) Ta2O6, vodginite – (Ta, Nb, Sn, Mn, Fe) 16O32, microlite – (Na, Ca)(Ta, Nb)2O6F and columbite – (Fe, Mn)(Nb, Ta)2O6.

Many tantalum-containing ores such as tantalite, vodginite columbite, and microlite contain significant amounts of niobium (Nb).

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