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High Purity Tantalum

Tantalum 09/03/2020

high purity tantalum

3n5 99.95% labs grade tantalum foil sheets

High Purity Metal Sputtering Targets

Available Sputtering Target Dimensions (sizes and shapes)

A comprehensive range of sizes is available to accommodate the requirements of most popular deposition tools.

Disk targets, column targets, step wafer targets, plate targets (Dia< 650mm, Thickness> 1mm)

Rectangular targets, slice targets, Step rectangular targets (Length <1500mm, Width <300mm, Thickness >1mm)

Tubular targets / rotation sputtering target (Outer Diameter < 300mm, Thickness > 2mm)


99.9% (3N), 99.95% (3N5), 99.99% (4N), 99.999% (5N), 99.9995% (5N5), 99.9999% (6N)


physical vapor deposition (PVD) of thin films, laser ablation deposition (PLD), magnetron sputtering for semiconductor, display, LED and photovoltaic devices.

Quality Pure Tantalum Plate Sheet Cube

Each target can be designed to fit customer-specified backing plates or cups with either indium/tin or silver epoxy bonding. Bonding service is available on an oxygen-free copper backing plate.

High Purity Metals - Tantalum and Tantalum Alloys

ALB Materials Inc specializes in high purity Tantalum (Ta) and Alloys of Tantalum such as Tantalum 10% Tungsten, Tantalum 2.5% Tungsten, and Tantalum 40% Niobium in forms of plate, sheet, coil, strip, targets, rod, bar, wire, and tubing according to ASTM specifications.

Tantalum materials are available to specifications of RO5200, RO5400, RO5255 Tantalum 10% Tungsten.

When you need an order of Tantalum - ALB is your best choice.

We provide pure Tantalum in purities of 99.95% Standard and 99.99% on Request.

Our Tantalum materials are all conflict-free.

We offer these Tantalum (Ta) Metallurgical Products:

Tantalum (Ta)

Tantalum, 2.5% Tungsten (Ta2.5W) Tantalum, 10% Tungsten (Ta10W)

Available forms may include foil, sheet, plate, wire, rod, tube, and metallurgical grade powder.

R05200 R05400 R05252 R05255 Tantalum Bar

Strength, Durability, Ductility, Corrosion Resistance, Thermal Conductivity, and High Melting Point make Tantalum Metallurgical products highly desirable in research and industry.

We welcome your inquiries.


Purities available: R05200 99.95% Standard and R05400 99.99% Special Order - On Request

All Tantalum foil, sheet, plate, wire, and rod available in various sizes to customer specifications.

Special sizes upon request:


0.002 inch to 0.005 inch thick

Tolerances: +/- 0.0003 inch thick, Maximum width: 6 inches


0.005 inch to 0.040 inch

99.95 Pure Tantalum Round Plate

Tolerance: +/- 0.0005 inch thick, Maximum Width: 12 inches


0.041 inch to 0.090 inch

Tolerance: +/- 5%, Maximum Width: 25 inches


0.090 inches and heavier, Maximum Width: 30 inches


0.001 inch to 0.060 inch diameters (Fine wire on spools, heavier wire on coils)

Fine Wire with diameters less than 0.001 inch available on request.

(Minimums may apply)


3Mm Taw7 5 Tantalum Alloy Wire

0.060-inch diameter to 2.50-inch diameter

Larger Sizes on Request

Metallurgical Grade and Capacitor Grade

Particle size range from -100 mesh to -325 mesh, 99.9% to 99.95%


Purities 99.95% Standard and 99.99% on Request

All Tantalum Tubing are Custom Made to your specifications and are Special Orders

Diameters Available: 0.040 inches to 6-inch diameter;

Wall thickness: 0.008 inches to 0.200 inches;

Lengths: 8 inches to 20 feet


2020 Wholesale Alb Manufacturer Round Tantalum

Purities 99.95% Standard and 99.99% on Request

All Tantalum Targets are Custom Made to your specifications and are Special Orders

Other Tantalum Products Available

small high purity Tantalum sphere 30mm diameter – 277 grams 649,17$

High purity polished Tantalum Sphere

3 times Electron-Beam melted + polished

These unique spheres of high purity tantalum are very rare and practically only available here! Currently, there are only four of these custom made spheres available

The picture shows the small 30mm sphere (on the right) and the big sphere (on the left)

high purity tantalum Texture evolution of high purity tantalum under different rolling.

Tantalum (Ta) is a body-centered cubic (BCC) metal with a very high melting point (2996 °C) and high density (16.7 g/cm3). Due to unique properties, Ta and its ...

Texture evolution in Ta under two different rolling paths is investigated.

4n pure ta tantalum sputtering target

•Changing the rolling path has a significant effect on deformation texture evolution.

•Clock rolling leads to more homogeneous microstructure and texture after recrystallization.

•{0 0 1} grains seem to have the ability to nucleate after clock rolling.

Deformation behavior and texture evolution of the material can be significantly affected by strain path change.

For this reason, two rolling methods, unidirectional rolling (UR) and clock rolling (CR), were employed to manufacture tantalum plates.

Texture evolution during unidirectional rolling and clock rolling was studied respectively by orientation distribution function (ODF).

Related annealed microstructures were investigated by an orientation image map (OIM).

Usually, unidirectional rolling led to a strengthening of the main texture component with increasing strain, but for tantalum dominant texture component {0 0 1} θ-fiber was stable after 70% deformation, while minor texture component {1 1 1} γ-fiber was enhanced with increasing strain.

In clock rolling, both of the two fibers were not stable anymore for their intensity varied with the rolling pass.

After the final deformation, a similar texture was produced by the two rolling methods.

However, the recrystallization texture revealed a big difference.

Such different texture development was contributed to microstructural change resulted from rolling path change.

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