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Sintering Of Hfb2

Tantalum 02/05/2021

sintering of HfB2–SiC

Sintering Of Hfb2

HfB2–SiC composite prepared by reactive spark plasma sintering

HfB2–SiC composites have been commonly produced by hot-pressing mechanically mixed powders. However, this method usually requires very high sintering ...

HfB2–SiC composite prepared by reactive spark plasma sintering

Dense HfB2–SiC composites were fabricated by reactive spark plasma sintering of a powder mixture composed of HfSi2, B4C, and carbon.

The relative density of the composites was 98.7% after reactive spark plasma sintering at 1600 °C under a pressure of 40 MPa for 10 min.

A strong exothermic reaction occurred during the heating of the powder mixture due to the following reaction: 2HfSi2+B4C+3C=2HfB2+4SiC.

Zirconium Powder Powder High Purity Zirconium

The in situ formed HfB2 and SiC phases were homogeneously distributed.

The average grain size of formed HfB2 and SiC was about 2 and 1 μm, respectively.

The Vickers hardness and fracture toughness of HfB2–SiC composites were 20.4±1.5 GPa and 4.7±0.3 MPa m1/2, respectively.

The present report proposes a method to densify HfB2-based composites at a low temperature.


Hafnium diboride (HfB2)‐ and hafnium carbide (HfC)‐based materials containing MoSi2 as a sintering aid in the volumetric range 1%–9% were.

desired sintering temperature. Using the as-synthesized HfB2 and commercially available α-SiC, HfB2-20 vol.% SiC composite was hot-pressed at 2000°C.

Specific Features of Sintering of HfB2. Based Refractory Ceramic by Hybrid Spark Plasma Sintering.(Methods for Compaction and Consolidation of Nanostructured Materials)

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