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Tantalum 02/18/2021

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Zirconium (Zr) Sputtering Targets

ALB Sputtering Targets - ALB Materials Inc

Fine-Grain Aluminum (Al) Alloy Targets. ALB stable manufacturing process provides improved target-to-target microstructural consistency with 70% smaller grains.

Fine-Grain Aluminum (Al) Alloy Targets

ALB stable manufacturing process provides improved target-to-target microstructural consistency with 70% smaller grains, as compared to conventional processing.

Reduced grain size increases your productivity by improving sputter consistency and film properties.

Ultrafine-Grain Aluminum (Al) Alloy Targets

Using advanced metallurgical fabrication techniques, our aluminum and aluminum-copper (Al-0.5Cu) targets exhibit enhanced yield strengths, with a nominal grain size of 0.5 µm, compared to 40-50µm obtained through conventional processing.

The improved yield strength permits single-piece designs, which extend the life of our targets.

Long-Life Aluminum (Al) Targets (RE-Al â PLUS)

Designed to improve the cost of ownership for aluminum deposition on 200mm wafers, the RE-Al â PLUS target demonstrates excellent performance throughout its rated lifetime of 1600 kWh (equivalent to 9,500 1-µm films).

99 9 Zirconium Diboride for ZrB2

When used with electrostatic chuck shield kits, the RE-Al â PLUS target can significantly increase the interval between kit and target replacements, allowing for increased tool utilization.

In addition to the RE-Al â PLUS target, the RE-Al Supreme target is available with the same benefits for 150mm wafer processing.

Alumina-Zinc-Oxide (AZO) Targets (Zn: Al203)

Alumina Doped Zinc Oxide (AZO) targets provide highly-effective transparent conducting oxide (TCO) layers for amorphous silicon and other thin-film photovoltaic devices.

Targets are available in a tubular configuration to maximize material usage, yield, and production time.


Our unique CORA material is a corrosion-resistant silver alloy sputtering target material used for the manufacture of organic electroluminescent (EL) displays as well

Sputtering Targets


Our sputtering targets can resolve your concerns for uniformity, reproducibility, and homogeneity.

With the acquisition of the Heraeus target business, we offer an even wider variety of precious and non-precious metal targets.

Zirconium (Zr) Sputtering Targets

We customize precision alloy compositions to ensure thin film coatings with consistent phase content and refined grain size.


ALB experience and extensive material control allow us to provide sputtering targets with demanding requirements.

Our capabilities include:

Unique designs and forms reduce costs and increase uptime

Fine-grained targets deliver uniform thin film coating

Ceramic and inorganic targets available with customized chemistries

High purity source materials offer superior surface cleanliness that reduces spitting

Innovative technologies such as our patented VCTTM sputtering targets decrease grain size

Support a wide variety of OEM platforms


Polishing Tantalum Tungsten Sputtering Targets Round

When you require a thin-film coating of large areas such as for residential or architectural glass or have issues with ferromagnetic materials, we offer specialty targets that can address your challenges.

ALB Sputtering Targets – Magnetically enhanced targets resolve challenges of ferromagnetic materials

Rotatable Sputtering Targets – Cylindrical targets providing more than two times material utilization

Xtended LifeTM Targets – Technology allows for reduced chamber downtime & lower costs

PVD Materials for OLED electronic display - high-quality silver, aluminum and lithium fluoride, magnesium, ytterbium, and CORA material

More About Innovative CORA Material

Our unique CORA material is a corrosion-resistant silver alloy sputtering target material used for the manufacture of organic electroluminescent (EL) displays as well as applications such as transflective displays.

This durable material comes in a range of target sizes with a small grain size that enhances luminance & longevity of displays, delivers highly uniform film properties over large form factors, and increases yield.


As a totally integrated supplier, ALB offers complementary target technologies and services to support a target’s lifetime.

Whether it is for finer grain size, or bonding backing plates to targets, or reclaiming metal through advanced cleaning, or refining to reclaim metal as a cost-benefit – we partner with you from cradle-to-grave.

Polishing Tantalum Tungsten Sputtering Targets Round

SFGTM Sputtering Targets – Manufacturing technology of Super Fine Grain enhances target performance

VCTTM Sputtering Targets – Vibration Casting Technology can decrease grain size by as much as 90%

Backing Plates – the right backing is critical to your sputtering process

Sputtering Target Bonding – Service that provides optimal bonding of target to the backing plate

Precision Parts Cleaning – Advanced cleaning methods for cost-effective material removal

Refining & Reclaim – Precious metal recovered and refined for return to the customer

Consult with an ALB engineer to discuss the appropriate sputtering target or related product thin film coating requirements.

ALB Global Headquarters

Sputtering-Targets-&-Evaporation-Materials manufacturers

As a sputtering target manufacturer, ALB Materials (ALB) supplies a wide range of materials, sizes, forms, and configurations of sputtering targets.

About ALB

Polishing Tantalum Tungsten Sputtering Targets Round

Established in 1994, ALB Materials supplies high-quality sputtering targets and evaporation materials to fulfill customers’ R&D and production needs.

To meet increasing demands for rare-earth products and other materials in ceramic, metallurgy, and electronic industries, ALBprovides sputtering targets including metals, alloys, rare earth oxides, and other ceramic materials.

With excellent production, quality control, administration, and management sections, we have carried out faithful cooperation and built profound working partnerships with our customers over years.

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ALB Materials (ALB) Corporation is a global supplier of various sputtering targets such as metals, alloys, oxides, ceramic materials.

It was first established in 1994 to begin supplying high-quality rare-earth products to assist our customers in the research and development (R&D) fields.

Sputtering Targets Suppliers

ALB Sputtering Targets Supplies offers a wide selection of alloys and compound-based sputtering targets such as metal alloys, oxides, nitrides, borides, sulfides, selenides, tellurides, carbides, crystalline, and composite mixtures.

To achieve the best performance and to prevent the target from cracking or over-heating, we strongly recommend bonding any material target to a copper backing plate.

Target bonding is a critical process, and the correct fabricating method applied can change depending on the selection of the sputtering target material.

Shop Customized Sputtering Targets from ALB Supplies.

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