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Magnets used in drive motors for hybrid and electric vehicles

Tantalum 11/28/2018

Magnets from ALB Materials Inc can be found in many types of motors, generators, and actuators. Neodymium magnets can be used in magnetic motor and vehicle magnet applications.


Magnets are a primary component in electric motors. In order to work they need to be made of a coil of wire that can spin and is encircled by strong magnets. When an electric current is induced in the coil, it emits a magnetic field, opposing the magnetic field emitted by the strong magnets.


It follows the same attraction and repulsion rules of magnets. For instance, when you put the north and south poles of two separate bar magnets an invisible force will push them away from each other. The same concept occurs in motors, but they are modeled in a way that the repulsion is used to control an energy source.


This repulsion causes the coil to spin or rotate at a high speed. The coil is attached to an axle that allows the wheels to move. That is the basic model of an electric motor, but it can be more complex.


Magnets used in motors:

Magnets used in Drive motors for hybrid and electric vehicles Magnets used in Drive motors for hybrid and electric vehicles

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