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Rare Earth Materials Purity Definition

Tantalum 03/17/2016

Rare Earth Materials Purity Definition

Purities of Rare Earth Metals and Oxides:
In rare earth industry, chemical purities of rare earth metals are often presented on rare earth metal or oxides basis (REM/REO basis), content of a specific rare earth material in comparison to total rare earth metals(TREM) or oxides (TREO) present: REM/TREM and REO/TREO.
The statement of "Sc > 99.9%" often means Sc/TREM > 99.9%. And Sc2O3 > 99.99% (REO) means Sc2O3/TREO > 99.99%.
To obtain its absolute purity of a specific metal, you can use formula: REM/TREM X Percentage of TREM in the material.

Purity examples (same purity for below three):
Sc > 99.9%
Sc > 99.9%(REM)
TREM>99%, Sc/TREM > 99.9%

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