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Rare Earth Metals

Tantalum 05/08/2018

Rare Earth Materials,Rare Earth Metals,Rare Earth Oxides

Rare-earth metals (REM) or rare-earth elements (REE)  typically include scandium (Sc-21), yttrium (Y-39) and the lanthanides: lanthanum (La-57), cerium (Ce-58), praseodymium (Pr-59), neodymium (Nd-60), promethium (Pm-61), samarium (Sm-62), europium (Eu-63), gadolinium (Gd-64), terbium (Tb-65), dysprosium (Dy-66), holmium (Ho-67), erbium (Er-68), thulium (Tm-69), ytterbium (Yb-70), and lutetium (Lu-71).

Rare-earths can provide enhanced magnetic, strength and high temperature and other properties when alloyed with other metals. For example, high-strength magnets made from neodymium-iron--boron have been used in a variety of products, including electric motors and hybrid cars components. Link: Rare-earth Magnets


Rare Earth Matels:
Shape: Sheets, Disc, Plate, Bar, Rod, Wire, Pellets, Pieces, Ingots, Powder, Sputtering Target, Custom-made shape etc.

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