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Rare Earth Metals

Tantalum 05/17/2021

Rare Earth Materials,Rare Earth Metals,Rare Earth Oxides

Rare-earth metals (REM) or rare-earth elements (REE)  typically include scandium (Sc-21), yttrium (Y-39) and the lanthanides: lanthanum (La-57), cerium (Ce-58), praseodymium (Pr-59), neodymium (Nd-60), promethium (Pm-61), samarium (Sm-62), europium (Eu-63), gadolinium (Gd-64), terbium (Tb-65), dysprosium (Dy-66), holmium (Ho-67), erbium (Er-68), thulium (Tm-69), ytterbium (Yb-70), and lutetium (Lu-71).

Rare-earths can provide enhanced magnetic, strength and high temperature and other properties when alloyed with other metals. For example, high-strength magnets made from neodymium-iron--boron have been used in a variety of products, including electric motors and hybrid cars components. Link: Rare-earth Magnets

Rare Earth Matels:
Shape: Sheets, Disc, Plate, Bar, Rod, Wire, Pellets, Pieces, Ingots, Powder, Sputtering Target, Custom-made shape etc.

Elements Metal Sheets Rods Granules
Sc Sc Sc Sheets Sc Rods Sc Granules
Y Y Y Sheets Y Rods Y Granules
La La La Sheets La Rods La Granules
Ce Ce Ce Sheets Ce Rods Ce Granules
Pr Pr Pr Sheets Pr Rods Pr Granules
Nd Nd Nd Sheets Nd Rods Nd Granules
Sm Sm Sm Sheets Sm Rods Sm Granules
Eu Eu Eu Sheets Eu Rods Eu Granules
Gd Gd Gd Sheets Gd Rods Gd Granules
Tb Tb Tb Sheets Tb Rods Tb Granules
Dy Dy Dy Sheets Dy Rods Dy Granules
Ho Ho Ho Sheets Ho Rods Ho Granules
Er Er Er Sheets Er Rods Er Granules
Tm Tm Tm Sheets Tm Rods Tm Granules
Yb Yb Yb Sheets Yb Rods Yb Granules
Lu Lu Lu Sheets Lu Rods Lu Granules

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