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ALB Materials Inc provides various kinds of Metals and Alloys with high quality at competitive price.

In metallurgy, a non-ferrous metal is any metal, including alloys, that does not contain iron in appreciable amounts. The non-ferrous materials provided by ALB Materials Inc includeTungsten (W), Molybdenum (Mo), Tantalum (Ta), Niobium (Nb), Zirconium (Zr), Hafnium (Hf), Rhenium (Re), Beryllium (Be), Indium (In), Cobalt (Co) and Nitinol (Ni-Ti). The shape can be Sheets / Plate / Board, Bar / Rod, Wire, Disc, Foil / Strip, Pellets, Crucible, Electrode, Sputtering Target or Machined Part Custom-made per drawing.

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