Tungsten (W) Sheets | ALB-W001
  • Tungsten (W) Sheets | ALB-W001

Tungsten (W) Sheets | ALB-W001

Item No.: ALB-W001. Tungsten (W) Sheets is made of pure tungsten with purity over 99.95%. Size available: Thickness 0.15-3.0 mm; Width 150-300 mm; Length <1000 mm. Standard: ASTM B 760.

Tungsten (W) Sheets Description:
ALB Materials Inc is a global supplier of Tungsten (W) Sheets and we can provide customized tungsten products.

Tungsten (W) Sheets Applications:

  • Used in ion implantation, electronics and vacuum equipment
  • Used in parts of electric light source and electron tube
  • Used in medical facilities, e.g. Medical CT
  • Used as obstruction of radiation and interference
  • Used as heat shields, heat elements or structures of high temperature furnace
  • Used as evaporation boats
  • Used in detector, collimator, anti-scatter for ray shield in medical equipment

Tungsten (W) Sheets Specification:
Material: W≥99.95%
Standard: ASTM B 760
Dimensions: Thickness 0.15-3.0 mm; Width 150-300 mm; Length ≤1000 mm

Thickness(mm) Width(mm,≤) Length(mm,≤)
0.15-0.20 205 1000
0.20-0.25 300 1000
0.25-0.30 330 1000
0.30-0.50 350 1000
0.50-0.80 330 1000
0.80-1.0 330 1000
1.0-1.50 300 1000
1.50-3.0 300 1000

Production Process: Pressing - Sintering - Rolling - Annealing - Surface treatment
Surface treatment: Hot-rolled; Alkaline cleaning surface; Electrolytic polish surface


Properties for Tungsten

Atomic Mass 183.84
Melting Temperature 3410 °C
Maximum Use Temperature 2500 °C
Tensile Strength 250MPa at RT
Theory Density 19.27g/cc
Modulus of Elasticity 400 GPa
Thermal Conductivity 0.48 Cal/cm2/cm°C/sec
Vapor Pressure Temperatures above 1650 °C
Thermal Expansion 4.30 ppm / °C
Electrical Resistance 5.50 @20 °C µ ohm-cm
Crystal Structure body-centered cubic
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • High Hardness
  • High Density
  • High Strength

Tungsten Products:

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Item Number
ASTM B 760


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