High Density Tungsten Alloy (WNiCu) Ball
  • High Density Tungsten Alloy (WNiCu) Ball

High Density Tungsten Alloy (WNiCu) Ball | ALB-W020

Item No.: ALB-W020. High Density Tungsten Alloy (WNiCu) Ball is made of W-Ni-Cu alloy with purity over 99.95%. Size available: Diameter: 1.5-200mm. Standard: ASTM B777.

Tungsten Nickel Copper (W-Ni-Cu) High Density Alloy Balls Description:
ALB Materials Inc is a global supplier of Tungsten Nickel Copper (W-Ni-Cu) High Density Alloy Balls and we can provide customized tungsten products.


Tungsten Nickel Copper (W-Ni-Cu) High Density Alloy Properties:

  • High density (17-18.75g/cm3)
  • High melting point
  • Wear resistance
  • High tensile strength (700-1000Mpa), good elongation capacity
  • Good plasticity and machinability
  • Good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity
  • Low vapor pressure, excellent thermal stability, small thermal expansion coefficient
  • High radiation absorption capacity(30-40% higher than lead), excellent absorption of γ-rays or X-rays
  • Non-magnetic


Tungsten Nickel Copper (W-Ni-Cu) High Density Alloy Applications:

  • Used as counterweight, bucking bar, balance hammer
  • Used in radiation shielding device
  • Used in the manufacture of aerospace and aerospace gyroscope rotor, guide and shock absorber
  • Used in machinery manufacturing die-casting mold, tool holder, boring bar and automatic watch hammer
  • Used in conventional weapons with armor-piercing missile
  • Used in electric products with riveting head and switch contacts
  • Used for anti-ray shielding components


Tungsten Nickel Copper (W-Ni-Cu) High Density Alloy Balls Specification:
Material: Tungsten Nickel Copper (W-Ni-Cu) Alloy
Standard: ASTM B777
Dimensions: Diameter: 1.5-200mm


Physical and mechanical properties of Tungsten Nickel Copper Alloy (W-Ni-Cu):

Name 90WNiCu 95WNiCu
Material 90% W
6% Ni
4% Cu
95% W
3.5% Ni
1.5% Cu
Density (g/cc)  17 gm/cc  18 gm/cc
Density (lbs/in3) 0.614 0.65
Mil. Spec. T-21014 D Class 1 Class 3
ASTM-B777 Grade 1 Grade 3
Type Type II & III Type II & III
Hardness; Rockwell C 24 27
Ultimate Tensile Strength; PSI 94,000 94,000
Yield Strength, .2% Offset; PSI 75,000 75,000
Elongation, % in 1″ 2+ 2+
Proportional Elastic Limit; PSI 45,000 45,000
Modulus of Elasticity; PSI 40 x 10E6 45 x 10E6
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion x 10E-6/°C (20°- 400°C) 5.4 4.4
Thermal Conductivity; CGS Units 0.23 0.33
Electrical Conductivity; %IACS 14 16
Magnetic Properties NIL NIL


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