Molybdenum (Mo) Tube | ALB-M004
  • Molybdenum (Mo) Tube | ALB-M004

Molybdenum (Mo) Tube | ALB-M004

Item No.: ALB-M004. Molybdenum (Mo) Tube is made of pure molybdenum with purity over 99.95%. Size available: OD: 5.0-500mm; L: 50-1000mm. Standard: ASTM B 387.

Molybdenum (Mo) Tube / Pipe / Ring Description:
ALB Materials Inc is a global supplier of Molybdenum (Mo) Tube / Pipe / Ring and we can provide customized molybdenum products.
Molybdenum tube is manufactured from forged rods and sintering. Molybdenum tube with OD smaller than 60mm are mostly machined and gun drilled from forged molybdenum rod. Welding molybdenum tube and riveting molybdenum tube that is made by molybdenum sheet and molybdenum strip. This kind of large molybdenum tubes are used as molybdenum heat shielding.


Molybdenum (Mo) Tube / Pipe / Ring Applications:

  • Used as a rotary molybdenum targets for coating, which is widely used in solar industries.
  • Used in components of electron tube, heaters of high-temperature furnaces, and thermocouple retainers.
  • Used in solar industries.

Molybdenum (Mo) Tube / Pipe / Ring Specification:

Material: Mo≥99.95%
Standard: ASTM B 387
Dimensions: OD: 5.0-500mm; L: 50-1000mm
Surface: Finish turning for outer surface, Drilling for inner surface

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ASTM B 387


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