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Sputtering Targets

A variety of sputtering targets for the physical vapor deposition (PVD) of thin films are available from ALB Materials Inc.
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Sputtering Targets Sort by Material Composition:

Metal Sputtering Targets:

Al, Sb, Ba, Be, Bi, B, Cd, Ca, C, Ce, Cr, Co, Cu, Dy, Er, Eu, Gd, Ge, Au, Hf, Ho, In, Ir, Fe, La, Pb, Lu, Mg, Mn, Mo, Nd, Ni, Nb, Pd, Pt, Pr, Re, Rh, Ru, Sm, Sc, Se, Si, Ag, Sr, Ta, Te, Tb, Tm, Sn, Ti, W, V, Yb, Y, Zn, Zr

Alloy Sputtering Targets:

Al-Cr, Al-Co, Al-Mg, Al-Nd, Al-Ni, Al-Sc, Al-Si, Al-Si-Cu, Al-Ag, Al-Ti, Ce-Gd, Ce-Sm, Cr-Al, Cr-Co, Cr-Cu, Cr-SiO, Cr-Fe, Cr-Mo, Cr-Ni, Cr-Si, Cr-Ti, Cr-V, Co-Al, Co-Cr, Co-Fe, Co-Fe-B, Co-Ni, Co-Ni-Cr, Co-Ti, Co-W, Cu-Al, Cu-Cr, Cu-Co, Cu-Ga, Cu-Ge, Cu-In, Cu-Ni, Cu-Pd-Si, Cu-Zn, Cu-Zr, Hf-Fe, In-Sn, Ir-Mn, Ir-Re, Fe-Al, Fe-B, Fe-C, Fe-Cr, Fe-Co, Fe-Co-B, Fe-Co-Nb, Fe-Ga, Fe-Mn, Fe-Ni, Fe-Rh, La-Ca-Mn-O, Mg-Al, Mn-Cu, Mn-Ni, Mo-Al, Mo-Cr, Mo-Re, Mo-Si, Mo-Ti, Ni-Al, Ni-Cr, Ni-Cr-Al, Ni-Cr-Si, Ni-Cu, Ni-Fe, Ni-Mn, Ni-Nb-Ti, Ni-Ti, Ni-W, Ni-V, Ni-Zr, Ni-Fe-Mo-Mn, Sm-Co, Sc-Al, Si-Al, Ag-Cu, Ag-Sn, Ta-Al, Ta-Mo, Tb-Dy-Fe, Tb-Fe, Sn-Zn, Ti-Al, Ti-Al-V, Ti-Cr, Ti-Co, Ti-Ni, Ti-W, Co-WC, Ni-WC, W-Re, W-Ti, V-Al, V-Cr, V-Ti, V-W, Zn-Al, Zn-Cu, Zn-Mg, Zn-Sn, Zr-Al, Zr-Cu, Zr-Fe, Zr-Ni, Zr-Nb, Ti-ZrO2, Zr-Ti, Zr-W, Zr-Y, Al-B, Co-B, Mo-Nb, Ni-B

Oxide Sputtering Targets:

AZO, Al2O3, Sb2O3, ATO, BaCeO3, BaO, BeO, Bi2O3, CaNiO3, CeO2, Cr2O3, CrSiO, CoO, CuAlO2, CuO, Dy2O3, Er2O3, Eu2O3, Gd2O3, GZO, HfO2, Ho2O3, IGZO, InFe2O4, In2O3, ITO, IZO, IrO2, Fe3O4, Fe2O3, La2CuO4, LaNiO3, LaNbO3, La2O3, PbO, LiCoO2, Lu2O3, MgO, MnO, Mn2O3, MoO, MoO3, NdNiO3, Nd2O3, NiO, Nb2O5, Pr6O11, PCMO, RuO2, Sm2O3, Sc2O3, SiO2, SiO, SrNiO3, Ta2O5, Tb4O7, Tm2O3, SnO2, Ti3O5, Ti2O3, TiO2, TiO, WO3, V2O5, Yb2O3, Y2O3, ZnO, ZrO2, BaBiO3, BaCoO3, BaCuO2, BaPbO3, BaMnO3, BaSnO3, Co2O3, Co3O4, FTO(F-SnO2), Ga2O3, HfO2, LaSrNiO3 (LSNO), LiMn2O4, NdBa2Cu3O7, Nd2CuO4, NiFe2O4, PrBa2Cu3O7 , PrCoO3, SmBa2Cu3O7, SmScO3, ScMnO3, SrCoO3, SrCuO2, SrFe12O19, SrMnO3, TeO2, YbMnO3, YAlO3, YBCO, YBa2Cu3O7, YMnO3

Nitride Sputtering Targets:

AlN, BN, Cr2N, GaN, Ge3N4, HfN, InN, Fe6N2, MnN, NbN, Si3N4, TaN, TiCN, TiN, VN, Zn3N2, ZrN, CrN, GdN

Carbide Sputtering Targets:

B4C, Cr3C2, HfC, Fe3C, Mo2C, NbC, SiC, TaC, TiC, TiCN, WC, W2C, VC, ZrC

Fluoride Sputtering Targets:

AlF3, BaF2, CdF2, CaF2, CeF3, CsF, CrF3, DyF3, ErF3, GdF3, HfF4, LaF3, PbF2, LiF, MgF2, MnF2, NdF3, PrF3, SmF3, Na5Al3F14, NaF, SrF2, TbF3, ThF4, SnF2, TiF3, YbF3, YF3, ZnF2, ZrF4

Silicide Sputtering Targets:

CrSi, CrSi2, CoSi2, HfSi2, FeSi2, Mg2Si, MoSi2, Mo5Si3, NiSi2, NbSi2, Nb5Si3, TaSi2, Ta5Si3, TiSi2, Ti5Si3, WSi2, V3Si, VSi2, ZrSi2

Sulfide Sputtering Targets:

Sb2S5, Sb2S3, As2S3, BaS, Bi2S3, CdS, CaS, Cr2S3, CuS, CZTS, GeS, In2S3, FeS, PbS, MgS, MnS, MnS2, MoS2, SiS2, TaS2, SnS, SnS2, WS2, ZnS, Cu2S, GaS, NbS2, Ag2S

Boride Sputtering Targets:

AlB2, B, B4C, BN, CeB6, CrB, Cr2B, CrB2, Cr5B3, HfB2, FeB, LaB6, MgB2, Mo2B, Mo2B5, NdB6, Ni2B, TaB, TaB2, TiB2, WB, WB2, VB2, VB, ZrB2, MoB2

Selenide Sputtering Targets:

Bi2Se3, CdSe, CuInSe2, CuSe, Ga2Se3, GeSe2, In2Se3, PbSe, MoSe2, NbSe2, Se, TaSe2, SnSe, TiSe2, WSe2, ZnSe, Al2Se3, Sb2Se3, As2Se3, Cu2Se, GeSe, MnSe

Telluride Sputtering Targets:

Al2Te3, Sb2Te3, Bi2Te3, CdTe, Ga2Te3, GeTe, In2Te3, PbTe, MnTe, MoTe2, NiTe, NbTe2, TaTe2, Te, SnTe, WTe2, ZnTe, Cu2Te, CuTe, GaTe, Ag2Te


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