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Tungsten Bucking Bar

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Tungsten Bucking Bar
Custom-made per drawing

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ALB Materials Inc

Tungsten Bucking Bar, Tungsten Alloy Bucking Bar, W Bucking Bar, Tungsten Bucking Bars, Tungsten Alloy Bucking Bars,

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Tungsten Bucking Bar Description:
ALB Materials Inc is a global supplier of ergonomic tungsten bucking bars(ETBB) and we can provide customized bucking bars.

High density ergonomic tungsten bucking bars(ETBB) reduce vibration and kickback while riveting in aircraft operations. Repeated vibrations can cause wrist strain and fatigue, and regular steel bucking bars don't fully protect the riveter from the harmful effects. Tungsten is over twice as dense as normal steel, can absorb the shock, which can allow you to rivet more effectively for a longer period of time. Tungsten bucking bar is especially useful if the space is limited due to its high density. The regular material for tungsten bucking bar is 95W-3.5Ni-1.5Fe(Class 3). Other material can also custom-made. If you don't find a size below that fits your riveting needs, custom bars can be made to your specifications.

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