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Ceramics Products

ALB Materials Inc provides many kinds of Ceramics Products with high quality at competitive price. A ceramic is any of the various hard, brittle, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials made by shaping and then firing an inorganic, nonmetallic material at a high temperature. Ceramic materials, or technical ceramics, are widely applied in lots of industries, including automobile, aviation, space, machine manufacturing, electronics and military. These ceramic materials have very low thermal expansion coefficient, relatively low density, high thermal conductivity and they are extremely hard. Our ceramic materials include Al2O3, AlN, B4C, BN, LaB6, PBN, Si3N4, SiC and Zirconia. The shapes include sheets, rods, tubes and custom-made parts. Prodcuts like alumina thermal analyzer crucibles, gas pressed silicon nitride sheets etc.

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