1. How can I get a quotation?

To get a quotation, you can submit an inquiry form on the product page or via the Contact Us page. Alternatively, you can email sales@albmaterials.com with the product, specification, and quantity, and we will handle it and provide the quotation as soon as possible.

2. How long will it take to receive your quotation?

You can expect to receive your quotation within 1-2 business days. 

3. How can I get more information about specific product?

To get more information about a specific product, you can search for it by entering the product name, item number, or formula into the search box. Alternatively, you can email sales@albmaterials.com for more information. 

4. How can I place an order?

To place an order, you can send us your purchase order via email to sales@albmaterials.com. Alternatively, you can email us with the product name, specification, quantity, billing and shipping address, and your contact number. 

5. What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept ACH/Wire Transfer as our preferred payment method. You can pay to our company account (Beneficiary Account Name: ALB Materials Inc). We also accept payment via Check, Credit Card and PayPal. Corporate PO is also acceptable. Our terms are payment in advance. For some company’s purchase orders, we could accept payment on receipt or NET 30 days. 

6. What is your lead-time after I place a purchase order?

If we have inventory, you can expect your order to be delivered within 1 week after placing the purchase order. If we need to arrange production, it normally takes 3-4 weeks. If the order quantity is larger than the temporary stock or needs production, it may take a longer time and we will indicate it in our quotation.

7. What is your MOQ?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) depends on the product. We will indicate the MOQ in our quotation. 

8. Can I obtain a copy of the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)?

Yes, you can download a copy of the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) directly from our MSDS page or email us at sales@albmaterials.com with the product name or formula for it.

9. Can I get a certificate of analysis(COA)?

Yes, you can. Please e-mail at sales@albmaterials.com with the product name and batch number for it.

 Yes, you can obtain a certificate of analysis (COA). Please email sales@albmaterials.com with the product name and batch number.

10. Do you have a distributor in other countries?

ALB Materials Inc currently has distributors in some countries. Please contact our sales department for more information. We can also ship the product directly to you, and we are familiar with international transportation. 

11. What's your warranty policy?

ALB Materials Inc warrants to the buyer that its products meet the specifications defined in writing as found in its catalog, certificates of analysis, or written proposals prepared by and authorized by ALB Materials Inc or ALB’s representative for a period of thirty (30) days after delivery (based on tracking records). ALB Materials Inc does not guarantee any end-use results for any of its products.

All orders can be accepted for refund or replacement if the products do not meet the specifications of COA or written proposals prepared by and authorized by ALB Materials Inc or ALB’s representative. Detection data must be provided to our technical team.

Products cannot be returned without prior authorization from ALB Materials Inc. Please contact our Customer Service department for return shipping instructions.