ALB Materials Inc is a Supplier, Manufacturer, Exporter and Developer of Neodymium Magnets, Metals and Alloys, Laboratory Equipment and Special Chemicals for research and engineering application.

ALB Materials Inc focuses on materials of special properties like magnetism, refractory, rare earth, high purity, nano size, special opticals properties, high hardness etc. or in specific application as radiopaque marker bands, thin film coating, semiconductor, catalysts, evaporation, grinding and lab supplies etc. During years of development, ALB Materials Inc now carries a various of products including Neodymium Magnets, Metals and Alloys, Rare Earth Materials, Semiconductor Materials, Sputtering Targets, Evaporation Materials, High Purity Materials, Crystal Materials, Industrial Powder, Nano Materials, Catalysts, Ceramics Products, Laboratory Supplies, Crucibles etc. Based on our experience on related field, we can develop special products for our customer. ALB Materials Inc strives to supply our customers with high quality and reliable products at competitive prices. During the past years, ALB Materials Inc has established a long-term cooperative relation with the most universities, research institutions and various companies like Sigma-aldrich, Apple, Google, Integer etc.


Our features:
Reliable quality
ALB Materials Inc runs a very strict quality control(QC) system, including raw materials selection, production control, products inspections, fine packaging and delivery. All the products are strictly analyzed and every order go through this system before ship out.


Competitive prices
ALB Materials Inc's wide channel, high efficiency and deep cooperation with the factories make us have advantages in costs. Meanwhile, we have established Supply Chain Management and Lean Production systems to reduce costs. Therefore, we are able to provide high quality and reliable products at most competitive prices.


Solutions provider
Based on our experience, we are able to develop a solution for our customer, not just product.


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