Silicon Carbide (SiC) Semiconductor Crystal
  • Silicon Carbide (SiC) Semiconductor Crystal

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Semiconductor Crystal | ALB-SiC-CR

Item number: ALB-SiC-CR. Silicon Carbide (SiC) Semiconductor Crystal. Formula: SiC. Shape: Wafer (slice or substrate) boule and crystal form. Quantity: 10pc, 100pc, 1000pc.

Item No. Product
ALB-SiC-CR-01 SiC - 4H (0001), 1" dia. x0.26mm, 1sp
ALB-SiC-CR-02 SiC - 4H (0001), 10x10x0.33mm, Si Face, 1sp
ALB-SiC-CR-03 SiC - 4H (0001), 2" dia. x0.33mm, 1sp
ALB-SiC-CR-04 SiC - 4H (0001), 2" dia. x0.33mm, 2sp
ALB-SiC-CR-05 SiC - 4H (0001), 5x5x0.33mm, 2sp
ALB-SiC-CR-06 SiC - 4H (0001), 5x5x0.3mm, 1sp
ALB-SiC-CR-07 SiC - 6H (0001), 1" dia. x0.26mm, 1sp
ALB-SiC-CR-08 SiC - 6H (0001), 1/4"x1/4"x0.26mm, 2sp
ALB-SiC-CR-09 SiC - 6H (0001), 10x10x0.26mm, 2sp
ALB-SiC-CR-10 SiC - 6H (0001), 10x10x0.3-0.33mm, 1sp
ALB-SiC-CR-11 SiC - 6H (0001), 10x10x0.33mm, 2sp
ALB-SiC-CR-12 SiC - 6H (0001), 5x5x0.3-0.33mm, 1sp
ALB-SiC-CR-13 SiC - 6H (0001), 5x5x0.33mm, 2sp
ALB-SiC-CR-14 SiC - 6H (0001), 8mm dia. x 0.3mm, 1sp


Silicon Carbide (SiC) Crystal | Semiconductor Crystal Material

Growth method MOCVD
Crystal Structure M6
Unit cell constant a=3.08 Å,  c=15.08 Å 
Sequence ABCACB
Direction <0001> 3.5º
With clearance 2.93 eV
Hardness 9.2 (mohs)
Heat travels @300K 5 W/ cm.k
Dielectric constants e(11)=e(22)=9.66 e(33)=10.33
Size 10x3, 10x5, 10x10, 15x15, , 20x15, 20x20,
dia2"x 0.33mm, dia2"x 0.43mm
Thickness 0.5mm, 1.0mm
Polishing EPI polished on one side or two sides
Crystal orientation <001>±0.5º
redirection precision ±0.5º
Redirection the edge: 2º (special in 1º )
Angle of crystalline Special size and orientation are available upon request
Surface roughness Ra≤5Å (5µm x 5µm)
Packing Individually sealed in bags. Cassette shipments are available on request

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Item Number
Wafer (slice or substrate) boule and crystal form