Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Crystal
  • Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Crystal

Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Crystal | ALB-YSZ-CR

Item number: ALB-YSZ-CR. Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Crystal. Formula: YSZ. Shape: Wafer (slice or substrate) boule and crystal form. Size: 10x10x0.5mm, 10x10x1mm, 10x5x0.5mm, 5x5x0.5mm or custom-made, 2sp/1sp. Quantity: 10pc, 100pc, 1000pc.

Item No. Product
ALB-YSZ-CR-01 YSZ (100) 0.5" dia x 0.5mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-02 YSZ (100) 0.5"x0.5"x0.5mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-03 YSZ (100) 0.5"x0.5"x0.5mm, 2sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-04 YSZ (100) 1" dia x 0.5mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-05 YSZ (100) 1" dia x 0.5mm, 2sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-06 YSZ (100) 1"x1"x0.5mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-07 YSZ (100) 1"x1"x0.5mm,2sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-08 YSZ (100) 10x10x0.1mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-09 YSZ (100) 10x10x0.1mm, 2sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-10 YSZ (100) 10x10x0.3mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-11 YSZ (100) 10x10x0.3mm, 2sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-12 YSZ (100) 10x10x0.5mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-13 YSZ (100) 10x10x0.5mm, 2sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-14 YSZ (100) 10x10x0.5mm, fine ground
ALB-YSZ-CR-15 YSZ (100) 10x10x1.0mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-16 YSZ (100) 10x10x1.0mm, 2sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-17 YSZ (100) 10x5x0.5mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-18 YSZ (100) 10x5x0.5mm, 2sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-19 YSZ (100) 2" dia x 0.5mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-20 YSZ (100) 2" dia x 0.5mm, 2sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-21 YSZ (100) 5x5x0.5mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-22 YSZ (100) 5x5x0.5mm, 2sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-23 YSZ (100) 5x5x1.0mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-24 YSZ (110) 0.5"x0.5"x0.5mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-25 YSZ (110) 0.5"x0.5"x0.5mm, 2sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-26 YSZ (110) 10x10x0.5mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-27 YSZ (110) 10x10x0.5mm, 2sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-28 YSZ (110) 5x5x0.5mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-29 YSZ (110) 5x5x0.5mm, 2sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-30 YSZ (111) 0.5"x0.5"x0.5mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-31 YSZ (111) 1" dia x 0.5mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-32 YSZ (111) 1"x1"x0.5mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-33 YSZ (111) 1"x1"x0.5mm, 2sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-34 YSZ (111) 10x10x0.5mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-35 YSZ (111) 10x10x0.5mm, 2sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-36 YSZ (111) 10x10x1.0mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-37 YSZ (111) 5x5x0.5mm, 1sp
ALB-YSZ-CR-38 YSZ (111) 8mm dia x 0.5mm, 2sp

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Item Number
Wafer (slice or substrate) boule and crystal form


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