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Niobium (Nb) Marker Bands| ALB-Nb-MB

Item No.: ALB-Nb-MB. Niobium (Nb) Marker Bands are made of pure niobium with purity over 99.95%. Size available: OD: 0.2-8.00 mm; WT: 0.015-0.5 mm. Standard: ASTM B 394.

Niobium Marker Bands Description:
ALB Materials Inc is a global supplier of Radiopaque Niobium Marker Bands and Ring Electrodes for the medical industry. Marker band fabrication is the production of metal cut tubing which can be used as radiopaque markers during angioplasty and other minimally-invasive catheter procedures.
Our marker bands can be cut in a variety of lengths and diameters according to customer specifications. Our marker bands, manufactured in platinum+iridium(Pt/Ir), gold, tantalum or niobium are cut into lengths, down to 0.25 mm via an original process which guarantees high precision and a burr-free finish.
Niobium Marker Bands


Niobium Marker Bands Applications:

  • Used in radiopaque marking, ring electrodes, cardiac rhythm management devices, stents and angioplasty.
  • Used in the medical industry to provide radiopaque marking for sensors and catheter tubes. 
  • Used as radiopaque markers during angioplasty and other minimally-invasive catheter procedures.

Niobium Marker Bands Specifications:
Outer Diameter(OD): 0.2 mm - 8 mm
Wall Thickness(T): 0.03-0.5 mm
Material: Tantalum, Platinum Iridium alloy (Pt90/Ir10), Gold, Niobium, Zirconium, Titanium, Stainless steel, etc
Standatd: ASTM B684
Tolerance: OD/ID/T +/-0.01mm, L+/-0.1mm(typical) or OD/ID/T +/-0.0004", L+/-0.004"(typical); OD±0.003mm, T±0.005mm, L±0.05mm(tightest)

Note: A typical project will have two critical dimensions and one nominal ("reference") dimension.
For Example: Critical OD x ID (Wall Thickness is the reference dimension), Critical OD x Wall (ID is the reference dimension), Critical ID x Wall (OD is the reference dimension)

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ASTM B 394


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