Nitinol (NiTi) Rod
  • Nitinol (NiTi) Rod

Nitinol (NiTi) Rod | ALB-NiTi-R

Item No.: ALB-NiTi-R. Nitinol (NiTi) Rod is made of titanium nickel alloys with purity over 99.95%. Size available: >0.2" Diameter. Standard: ASTM F2063.

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Nitinol is a type of shape memory alloy that exhibits unique properties, including the ability to recover its original shape after being deformed at certain temperatures. It is made up of nickel and titanium, with the name Nitinol being derived from the two elements' chemical symbols. Nitinol has a wide range of applications, including in medical devices such as stents and dental braces, as well as in aerospace and engineering industries. Its properties make it ideal for use in situations where repeated bending or deformation is expected.

Nitinol parameters include:

1. Composition: Nitinol is an alloy made up of approximately 50% nickel and 50% titanium.

2. Transformation temperature: Nitinol has two transformation temperatures, known as the austenite finish temperature (Af) and the martensite finish temperature (Mf). These temperatures are dependent on the composition and processing of the alloy.

3. Shape memory effect: Nitinol exhibits a shape memory effect, where it can return to its original shape after being deformed. This effect is due to a reversible phase transformation between austenite and martensite.

4. Superelasticity: Nitinol also exhibits superelasticity, where it can undergo large deformations and recover its original shape when the stress is removed. This is due to the stress-induced martensitic transformation.

5. Ductility: Nitinol has good ductility, allowing it to be formed into various shapes and sizes.

6. Corrosion resistance: Nitinol has good corrosion resistance in various environments, making it suitable for biomedical and aerospace applications.

7. Fatigue life: Nitinol has a high fatigue life, which is important for applications where the alloy undergoes cyclic loading.

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ASTM F2063