Agate Mortar and Pestle
  • Agate Mortar and Pestle

Agate Mortar and Pestle | AGT-M

Item number: AGT-M. Agate Mortar and Pestle. Formula: SiO2. Shape: Octagonal. Size: Internal Diameter: 30mm - 220mm. Quantity: 1 set, 5 set, 10 set.


For ordinary laboratory and educational needs, Agate mortar and pestle is an adequate and economical choice. Its relatively hardness and low porosity compared to porcelain make it suitable for general organic and inorganic chemistry. Our mortars and pestles are made from especially hard and dense agate, and their grinding surfaces are polished to reduce contamination. Because of their natural origins, our Agate mortars and pestles may vary slightly in appearance from the picture.


Agate Mortar and Pestle Product:

Item No. Size (Internal Diameter) Price($)
AGT-M030 30mm $90.00/set
AGT-M040 40mm $90.00/set
AGT-M050 50mm $90.00/set
AGT-M060 60mm $100.00/set
AGT-M070 70mm $113.00/set
AGT-M080 80mm $131.00/set
AGT-M090 90mm $153.00/set
AGT-M100 100mm $203.00/set
AGT-M110 110mm $222.00/set
AGT-M120 120mm $273.00/set
AGT-M130 130mm $338.00/set
AGT-M140 140mm $422.00/set
AGT-M150 150mm $535.00/set
AGT-M160 160mm $655.00/set
AGT-M170 170mm $806.00/set
AGT-M180 180mm $1085.00/set
AGT-M190 190mm $1231.00/set
AGT-M200 200mm $1401.00/set
AGT-M210 210mm $1744.00/set
AGT-M220 220mm $2210.00/set


1. Material: agate stone imported from brazil
2. Shape: Octagonal as picture
3. Used for chemical grinding or power mixture

1. No cracks, no impurities, strong resistance to wear.
2. Quality gloss, corrosion resistance, acid materials can be used as abrasive
3. High purity of imported raw materials.

Used to grind solid materials or grind the mixture of solid powder.

Tips during uses: 
1. Grinding operation: mortars should be placed on hard objects on the slide, and research pestle should be kept vertical.
2. Explosive materials can only be lightly crushed, not grinded by use of force.
3. Material to be grinded shall not exceed the capacity of 1/3.
4. Mortar & pestle cannot be heated for drying, not even into the electric oven.
5. Mortar can be washed with water, hydrochloric acid causes acid corrosion of mortars.
6. It is difficult to wash mortar attached to the material, in such a case, add a small amount of salt, then wash with water.

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Item Number
1 set | 5 set | 10 set


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