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Rhenium (Re) Pellets | ALB-R006

Item No.: ALB-R006. Rhenium (Re) Pellets is made of pure rhenium with purity over 99.95%. Size available: 15mm dia. X 10mm L, ~35g/EA.

Rhenium (Re) Pellets Description:
ALB Materials Inc is a global supplier of Rhenium (Re) Pellets and we can provide customized Rhenium products. Rhenium (Re) Pellets is a silvery metallic pellets and manufactured from pure Rhenium (Re) metal.


Rhenium (Re) Pellets Applications:

  • Used as an additive element in super alloys
  • Used for producing master alloys for the parts of engine in modern high-speed aero-planes and parts of astro-aviation equipments
  • Used in super high temperature fields

Rhenium (Re) Pellets Specification:

Material: Re>99.95%; Re>99.99%
Dimensions: 15mm dia. X 10mm L, ~35g/EA

Chemical Composition:
Re 99.99% min(Calculated by the subtraction method, excluding gas elements )
Maximum trace metallic impurities,analysed by ICP-MS

Al 1 ppm Mo 10 ppm
Ba 1 ppm Na 5 ppm
Be 1 ppm Ni 5 ppm
Ca 5 ppm Pb 1 ppm
Cd 1 ppm Pt 1 ppm
Co 5 ppm Sb 1 ppm
Cr 1 ppm Sn 1 ppm
Cu 1 ppm Ti 5 ppm
K 5 ppm W 10 ppm
Mg 1 ppm Zn 1 ppm
Mn 1 ppm

Rhenium and Rhenium Alloy Products

Rhenium (Re) Pellets
Our Rhenium (Re) Pellets are carefully packed to prevent damage during storage & transportation. Wooden crate is applied when the cargo is over weight.


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of Rhenium (Re) Pellets

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